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Locally owned and operated Computer Services Company specializing in PC & Laptop repair and technical support for companies and individuals. If you have problems with a PC or laptop which you use in your home / office / school; or if you are thinking about upgrading your desktop to the latest hardware & software, then you are at the right place to get a cost effective solution for the problems. E4CS has a great amount of practical knowledge in dealing with hardware & software problems. We offer solutions for all brand Laptops, and PC’s at an affordable rate at your door step or remotely for your convenience. With more than 16 years of experience E4CS offer a wide range of computer support services to business and residential customers in the Greater Salt Lake Area

We offer many startup solutions for Small Businesses across the country. Ask about our Web Hosting/Site Packages, we love bringing the internet to your business.


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Anonymous, Salt Lake City, UT

The service with the technician went very good, the technician was very helpful and I feel comfortable in using my printer. And I would very highly recommend the in home service. February 20, 2014


July 31, 2014